Lately They’ve Told Me

From Finite and Infinite Games by James P. Carse:

The exercise of power always presupposes resistance… Power is never one’s own, and in that respect it shows the contradiction inherent in all finite play. I can be powerful only by not playing, by showing that the game is over. I can therefore have only what powers others give me.


Michel Foucault, from The Foucault-Chomsky Debate on Human Nature:

…Those who resist or rebel against a form of power cannot merely be content to denounce violence or criticize an institution. Nor is it enough to cast the blame on reason in general. What has to be questioned is the form of rationality at stake. The criticism of power wielded over the mentally sick or mad cannot be restricted to psychiatric institutions; nor can those questioning the power to punish be content with denouncing prisons as total institutions. The question is: How are such relations of power rationalized? Asking it is the only way to avoid other institutions with the same objectives and the same effects, from taking their stead.


George Oppen, from “Of Being Numerous”:


Which has nothing to gain, which awaits nothing,
Which loves itself


My bike last night, locked out in snow:

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